SMAIRTHERO is the first AI platform capable of monitoring people's health with 99.9 percent accuracy

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AI serving diagnosis and telemedicine

SMAIRTHERO uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor and make health data usable. It reads and analyzes data from wearable smart devices and large databases, supporting doctors' diagnosis.

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SMAIRTHERO is the future of telemedicine



Remote monitoring solutions currently on the market do not know how to recognize false positives.




SMAIRTHERO's proprietary algorithms recognize false alarms and send alerts when there is a real need.


SMAIRTHERO collects data from each individual and creates a digital twin

Through this digital clone, the algorithm learns about the patient and his or her body's responses to strain and stress perfectly. The AI can then process unique, faithful and predictive information about the person's health status.


Data collection

SMAIRTHERO collects the patient's data and within two weeks is ready to operate.


Digital twin

With the data collected, the algorithm creates a digital twin of the person being monitored.


Predictive analysis

AI monitors data and performs simulations and predictive analysis on health status.

The super powers of SMAIRTHERO

Our engineers have analyzed major human health disorders by developing specific patterns that SMAIRTHERO can recognize.

Therefore, our AI is not only able to monitor health status, but can also prevent and signal disorders such as Covid or the onset of serious issues due to increased stress or fatigue by intelligently reading the silent signals sent by our bodies.

The SMAIRTHERO ecosystem

SMAIRTHERO is a complete patented ecosystem consisting of:

  1. a biometric sensor that detects vital data
  2. an app (Android and Apple) that sends encrypted data from the biosensor to the cloud
  3. an AI algorithm that processes the data in real time and transmits it to the doctor or an operations center.

The biometric sensor

To ensure maximum reliability and ease of use of the SMAIRTHERO technology, we have developed a biometric sensor that can be worn on the wrist like a normal watch to safely and reliably detect a patient's vital parameters in real time and transmit them.

The biosensor detects the following vital parameters:

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the heart rate
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blood oxygenation
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skin surface temperature
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falls or violent impacts

What they say about us

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SMAIRTHERO represents a nice breath of fresh air for the Italian innovation ecosystem because it is looking at a global market and has already registered patents In the U.S. and Japan, proving that it has arrived first in a highly competitive field.

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SmairtHero analyzes patient data to support doctors' diagnosis, this technology creates a digital twin from the data collected on each individual, and it only takes two weeks of monitoring for the algorithm to generate a perfect digital clone of the patient.

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The telemedicine sector is among the world's fastest-growing industries, which is expected to generate profits of more than $270 billion by 2027. Against this backdrop of innovation and research, innovative startup Mais has created the SmairtHero technology.

The telemedicine market

£270 Mld

profits it will produce by 2027

20,5 %

CAGR on the planet by 2027

$6 Mld

U.S. health care spending by 2027

5,5 %

U.S. annual investment growth


Keeping People Safe

SMAIRTHERO is a technology aimed at companies with workers working alone or in high-risk environments, armies, hospital facilities with chronic patients, and agencies that supervise the elderly and frail people.

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"We are cyber security experts and work with major government agencies."

Massimiliano Garruzzo

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"Our technology helps companies monitor the health of workers on their own."

Marco Mattesi

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"We monitor the elderly and frail people continuously and non-invasively"

ilario Sacchi


A great ecosystem. Endless applications...

Military use

We have just signed a half million dollar contract with a major US government agency* who chose SMAIRTHERO considering it the most advanced AI solution in the industry.

*The signed agreement is subject to NDA.


"We are already working with a UK telco to provide the technology to 20,000 employees."


Lone Workers

“We are already working with a British telco to supply the technology to 20,000 employees.”

In Europe and North America there are over *260 million lone workers, professionals who work away from corporate offices to perform tasks that often see them working alone.

Monitoring the vital parameters of these workers allows companies to protect their health and improve their efficiency.


"By 2050, more than 2 billion older adults will need assistive technologies."

Silver economy

By 2050, over 2 billion older adults will need assistive technology*.

SMAIRTHERO allows clinics, nursing homes and specialists to non-invasively monitor chronic or elderly patients living alone.

*Source: Assistive technology trends – 2021



The success of SMAIRTHERO is the result of the work of MAIS, a company specialized in artificial intelligence and cyber security

Our AI has already been patented in the USA and Japan and will soon be patented in Australia as well. We have already started the procedures to apply for the European Patent Office (valid throughout Europe).

Meet the team

Professionals and industry experts with international experience.


Marco Mattesi

Sales Director


Ilario Sacchi

Executive Officer


Rocco Gallucci

Business Development Manager

9 reasons to choose SMAIRTHERO

Our algorithms are patented in 3 countries
Our technology is the most advanced in the world and is tested in civilian and military fields
We are used to working with clients from all over the world and of all sizes
We are able to customize the service according to specific customer needs
All transmitted data is encrypted and always safe
Our AI is the only one to recognize false positives with 99.9% accuracy
We are able to process data from both smart devices (of any brand) and data lakes
We made a proprietary biosensor
We offer our customers a complete ecosystem

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