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A testimonial on the use of SmairtHero with Covid-19

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From 23 June on BackToWork you can become a member. See you there!

Here is the SMAIRTHERO investment procedure:
First of all, at this link you will find a short video describing the operational steps to follow when investing on the BackToWork platform:

Alternatively, here are the instructions:
In order to access the full campaign documentation you must, if you have not already done so, register on the BackToWork website by indicating a reference email and choosing a password at the following link CLICK HERE

You will then receive an e-mail message confirming your registration.

You will then be able to access the SmairtHero campaign page
to proceed with the investment you will need to click on the button "invest in the campaign" and follow the guided procedure, which involves:

  • Enter the personal data of the investor, i.e. the person who will be the owner of the shares;
  • whether you intend to invest as a natural person or as a legal person (in the second case, you will also be asked for your company name, VAT number, etc.);
  • whether or not you intend to register the shares, see the following link CLICK HERE;
  • if the investment exceeds 500 euros, the MIFID questionnaire will be submitted, aimed at assessing the appropriateness of the investment. If your score is below the threshold, you will be asked to indicate that you are aware of the risks associated with your investment and you can then proceed to place your order;
  • You will need to have the IBAN of the bank account from which the transfer will be made at hand. It is important that the owner of the current account and the holder of the order coincide (the account can also be jointly held). Thus, for example, the investor Mario Rossi cannot indicate his wife Maria Bianchi's account as his own, unless the two are joint holders of the same account.

Once the investment order has been completed, the investor will receive an email from BackToWork with a PDF containing all the details of the order and instructions on how to proceed with the transfer to the unavailable account in the name of the Company.

If you have opted for the rubrication of shares you must proceed with diligence to open a counter trading at DIRECTA SIM at the following link CLICK HERE

BackToWork has a dedicated chat that allows the investor, at any time, to contact us if he has doubts during the procedure and to receive, if necessary, operational telephone support for the completion of the investment order.

For more information download the SMAIRTHERO brochure.