The Future of
Biometric Monitoring
& Safety Protection


The history

In 2015 a science-led, multi-national team at Mais began working on new ways of using artificial intelligence and deep learning in the field of health and security. The fruits of this collaboration have produced SmairtHero, wearable technology, which provides a safeguarding biometric remote monitoring service to two important sectors, the elderly and lone workers.

The Company

The company headquarter is based in Turin and part of a digital transformation in Europe, the impact of which will resonate throughout the world. A progressive company, creating enabling technologies, which incorporate artificial Intelligence and biometrics. A new Italian renaissance powered by talented innovators following in the footsteps of those who first established Italy’s flair for creativity, technolgy and design.



Mais’ motivation is driven by shared values and a passion for working for the common good in developing technology, which addresses the needs of the global community. SmairtHero is one such innovation and has been designed to keep people safe at home and at work.

Advanced Technology

Incorporating sophisticated artificial intelligence SmairtHero is the first of other significant developments planned by the Mais team and is an AI-assisted safety and biometric monitoring service, which is set to become a market leader in personal remote monitoring and safety protection.